a branded article since 35 years

with more than 35 years of experience ALU-PLAN® gives you quality and reliability for all their aluminium or stainless-steel products.

over 250 profiles

we offer you more than 250 different profiles like baseboards, corner beads, skirtprotections and column rings.

basics to the product selection


in architecture, a baseboard (also called skirting board, skirting, mopboard, floor molding, as well as base molding) is a board, covering the lowest part of an interior wall.

contrary to the conventional baseboards in wood, we are concerned with aluminum and stainless steel materials, which convince in special application, care and being pleased inheritance constantness.


the easy maintenance of our products stands in the focus. because of the metalic surfaces all dirt remainders can be removed simply with water and a soft cloth. Heavily dirty cases (without powder coated profiles) can be cleaned by scrubbing milk or acetone. powder coated profiles have to be cleaned with a lacquer cleaner.

value and optics

ALU-PLAN® products can be ordered in in different sizes, forms and formats. the surfaces can be selected between aluminium, stainless-steel and powder coated.